Monday, April 16, 2012

Bedding Plant Centerpiece

If you're in need of a centerpiece but are uncomfortable with arranging flowers, here is an idea that is simple, easy, 
and very inexpensive.

Gather several like-kind containers.  
I used 20 almond cans that I painted white 
for this arrangement. 

Fill each container with a bedding plant 
and some spanish moss or Easter grass.

arrange the containers by tiers in the center of your table.  
I started with 12 cans to form a diamond shape, 
plus added two more to the center 
(not pictured) to form the first tier.

Four cans created the 2nd tier,

with two more for the 3rd tier 
to complete the arrangement.

To ensure things didn't topple over, 
I tucked some power magnets (purchased at Hobby Lobby) 
in the upper tiers.

Scatter some votive candles around the table - 
and you're finished!

I spent $2 on Wal-Mart brand spray paint and about $6.00 on flowers - so cheap, cheap, cheap.

This was a lot of fun for me, and the results on my table are pretty impressive for just bedding plants.  I'm already imagining royal blue painted cans with bright yellow marigolds, or green apple painted cans filled with purple and white flowers.

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