Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plant Stand Remake

As I've shared before, one of my favorite things to do is to take my junk - or someone else's - and remake it into something usable.

Like this little plant stand.  It was cast off to the side of a garage sale, almost like it was in the trash pile.  When I asked about a price, I was told $1.  For a solid iron, decorative stand, $1 sounded like a great price to me.

Obviously, it was missing something decorative on the top.

Do you remember this 3-tiered wire basket that I rescued here?  Well, I was able to get it for free because it had only 3 legs.  I ended up replacing the back legs with metal rods, which meant I then had a spare leg lying around.

After trying different finials and such, I decided to try this spare leg on the top.  It actually turned out to be a perfect fit.  It fits right on the nut that has been welded onto the stem of the plant stand, but also the curve of the leg matches the design in the ironwork.

I added another nut for stability, and then glued the leg to the plant stand.  The rest was simply a matter of cleaning and spray painting the entire project with Krylon's Celery spray paint.

Not bad for $1 plus paint.
All we need now is for the 
geraniums to bloom!

I honestly and truly prefer living with rescued items.  The quality is almost always better than what you can purchase new, and  anything you need is out there for pennies - if you'll just be patient enough to run across it.

Thrifters - am I right?

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  1. that looks really nice in its new color!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. My kids think I paint everything white. That celery is such a pretty color.

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    1. I wish you girls lived here! You're always such an encouragement and I really appreciate you.

  3. So right! Love to thrift, the plantstand is gorgeous, love the color! Visting from WOW!


  4. I love how you painted it a fun color and found a new use for it!


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