Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rose From My Garden

Just sharing a rose for fun.  Love ya, Ellie

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  1. That rose is so pretty--what kind of effect did you use on it to make it look old like that?

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I used several and I can't tell you exactly what I did because I was playing around. Essentially I put the pic into Sepia mode then adjust some color back in. Then I used a texture overlay and added some vignette around the edges. It was the last night Picnik was open. I've been trying to create something similar in Picmonkey. They don't quite have the wrinkle effect yet, but lots of other neat textures. Hope this helps.

  2. That is the most gorgeous color rose! What is it's name? Our's are just beginning to bloom - it's been a dry winter, but late rains helped a lot. Thanks for sharing and making us smile!

  3. How many layers do you made to form that kind of color?


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