Monday, April 23, 2012

Paper Fabric

Sometimes when I'm decorating a room or making a project, I realize the amount of fabric I purchased is not going to be enough.  That may be due to poor planning or a mistake, but usually it is because I fall in love with the fabric as I'm working with it, and keep thinking of more things I wish to add to the room.

 When Baby Girl purchased this fabric for her nursery - she bought all they had.  We were very careful with the fabric and managed to make it stretch for all of her original ideas. However, as we were decorating the walls we realized that putting some of the paisley fabric in the frames above the crib would tie things together very nicely.  The problem was there was not much fabric left, and we were concerned about making a mistake when we cut out a "P" to frame.

I suggested to Baby Girl that she make some color photo copies of the fabric for us to practice different fonts with. Once we came up with the perfect option - we could then cut the "P" from the original fabric.

Much to both of our delight, the copies turned out Amazing! You can't really tell from my pictures, but the colors are extremely vibrant, and the clarity is perfect.  She made 11" x 17" color copies at a copy store, and they cost her about 55 cents each. 

Since the quality was so high, we decided the paper would be a better choice to cut the "P" from, and thus she could save her remaining bit of fabric for another project.

At 55 cents a copy, I don't necessarily think this option ends up being cheaper than purchasing another yard of fabric, but it certainly opens up some new project options - like enlarging/reducing the pattern, decoupaging with some cut-outs, or making scrapbook pages.  I also don't know if the paper will fade faster than fabric, or if it will smear with Mod Podge, anybody know?  I would also be careful with the fabric copyright if you choose to make copies to use on items to sell.

Happily, this is the last project (well, until we think of more) to finish Paisley's nursery.  It's a good thing, because Baby Girl is due on May 1!  I'll be sure to share pics when she gets the frames up.

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  1. Where did you get the Fong for the Letter P?

    1. It is English Script EF. I think it was a font already on my computer.


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