Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Flowers in My Garden

The saying says,

March comes in like a Lion
and out like a Lamb

Well.......look what the lamb left behind!

I'm enjoying them so much

I just had to share.

We had such a terrible drought last year
with really high temperatures.

Already we've had two days in the 90's!

I'm fearful this could mean another rough year. 

So, I'm trying to enjoy the flowers

while they are willing to come out.

All of these pictures were taken this morning.

The wind was really blowing
so some of the pics are blurred.

Thank you, God, for your beautiful

And, thank you for stopping by,


  1. What kind are the tiny purple flowers?

  2. It is lavender. I think it is of the Spanish variety. I bought it at Lowe's last year. It is really looking nice this year.

  3. Everything looks so lovely! You are lucky. Here in Oregon the lion decided to stay:(


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