Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden Rocker Update

Don't you love when you have a garage sale with  friends?

I've found when I do - my house does not really get purged,
because we have too much fun trading for each others' junk!

Which is how I came to own this red garden rocker.
(It's fun to see a picture like this in August.  
You can just feel the cold!)

I really liked it all weathered, but it did need a little attention to help protect it.  I scraped it down really well, spray painted it Heirloom White, and glued some wooden knobs to the pipe ends.  I chose to spray paint it, because I wanted it to still look a bit weathered.

For a final touch, 
I added an iron embellishment to dress it up a bit.

It sits right outside my large bay window and is what I see everyday when I work at my computer.  It kind of makes me feel like I'm working in the Secret Garden.  It's also a lovely place to sit and watch bees, or to stop and smell the roses!

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