Friday, August 1, 2014

Spray Painted Monograms - Fast, Fun, & Fabulous

Sometimes I want to add a little WOW to my space without all the fuss - are you with me?  I mean, I like to sew and craft properly, but sometimes I just want to make a statement without getting out my sewing machine........cutting the fabric for all the right materials........     So, when I needed a little focal interest for my outdoor spaces this summer, I just decided to spray paint some.

I cut out monograms with my cutting machine - and spray painted on the pillows I already had.  You wouldn't have to have a cutting machine - just freehand cut any design out of paper, or use a ready-made stencil.

I carefully pinned the stencil to my pillows, and spray painted.

Lavender Tub Tip:  Prop the pillow so that you are spraying directly on the stencil.  You do not want to spray at an angle at all.  Do light coats and stay about 15 inches from the pillow surface.  Also, tape newspaper around the edges of the stencil to prevent overspray on your pillow.  Should you end up with a little overspray - let it dry completely, then lightly sand with sandpaper (depending on the fabric), or rub with alcohol on a Q-tip (test fabric first).

What a difference!  I call that Fast, Fun, & Fabulous!

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  1. Perfect timing! I was planning to cut my own stencil for a pillow quote soon, but wasn't sure how I'd fasten it for painting. Yours are so pretty!

  2. Thanks, Angela! I hope this method works for you. I had a little over spray, but really didn't mind it at all. The more pins you use, the better.......and then you have pins with colored heads ;) I would love to see a pic when you are finished.

  3. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I love your pillows. would you mind letting me know what type of cutting machine you have? I'm in the market for one.


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