Friday, August 15, 2014

Spiffed Up Mailbox With A Stencil

Have you ever noticed when you spruce up an area that some things really scream out - "Hey, you missed me"?  Like when you put old light switch covers back on a newly painted wall - all of a sudden you notice just how tired they look.  Such was the case of my mailbox after I redecorated our front porch (see here).

Wow, did it look awful.  Well, we can't have that!  So, I freshened it up with spray paint, and then stenciled a flourish monogram on the front.  I was doing this project late at night and didn't have the right sponge for stenciling, so I used something else that didn't work very well.  You know...... when you're in the mood to do a project, sometimes you just make it happen.  Because of that, I did go back over the design with a fine paintbrush. 

It looks a little hand painted and not as crisp as a stencil, but I'm absolutely good with that.  It certainly is an improvement, wouldn't you say?

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