Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day - 8x10 Printable

Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day!

I saw this quote this week, and it really spoke to me.  With so much sadness in the world - suicide, senseless deaths overseas and at home, a devastating virus, loved ones lost in car accidents - It almost feels like there is no room for anything but despair.

I know grief, and there is definitely a time for grieving.  It is one of the things that makes us human.  In my own life, I have found when you lose someone very dear to you - there really is no end to grieving.  Deep Love = Deep Grief.  And yet, after a long while, you just learn to live differently.  I think that is why this statement means so much to me, because it is a reminder that even in the midst of the sadness and loss - it is OK to give or take permission to have a Good Day.  My loss will not be less over time (that is such a lie - don't believe it), but it does not have to have victory over me.

What about you?  
Are you in need of permission to have a Good Day?  
Please do, my dear reader.  

Today IS a Good Day For A Good Day!

The picture above was taken by my lovely husband in Eureka Springs, AR.  I saw the gate and was immediately drawn to it.  It is old and weathered and worn, but it is still standing looking gorgeous.  I love how welcoming it is to a soul, as if it is saying, "Come venture past the weeds and the shadows - do you see that beautiful day just ahead?  It is all yours 
to enjoy."

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