Saturday, August 2, 2014

Welcome to My Sitting Porch - A Study in Hot Pink!

Isn't it funny when life's biggest events are about to happen - 
the stress of those events isn't enough - 
so we have to add more?  
Let me explain:

My oldest son graduated high school in May

Which meant there would be a graduation party here 
(lots of prep)

With many guests coming to our front door

And overflow to our large front porch

Which meant things needed to look fresh 
and not so faded on the porch

And that, of course, meant 
a complete front porch update.............

And if you give a DIY-er an area to update, she is going to paint.....and sew......and plant.....and shop........ 
Even if she has noooo time!

It's a Crazy Thing, But It's What We Do!!!

So, Here It Is........

My men think the pink is a bit much, but with all of our hot pink Crape Myrtles, I love it.

My youngest son even asked his dad, "Why is mom decorating for Breast Cancer?"  Lol, gotta love the way guys think.  (I kind of see his point with the checkers, though.)

What they don't see is that I really decorated in black, white, and tan......the pink is all just accessories and plants.  In fact, I'm really looking forward to fall when I can change the pink out for ORANGE!!!  Won't that be fun?

The pops of bright color are a refreshing change from the Vintage Southern that was here.  It just makes me Happy!

Now, who would like to come sit and sip some tea?
The porch is ready, and I always have some on hand.

Thanks for stopping by the Tub!


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