Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Glass Knobs To Create Baubled Glass Cloches

A collection of glass cloches, apothecary jars, and cake domes is a gorgeous way to decorate.  Not only does everything looks prettier under glass, but I have to say - having 
a collection lets you change out your seasonal decor without having to box up lots of tchotchkes, only to unpack others.  Simply change out leaves for Christmas ornaments, or ornaments for eggs and your decorating is done.

But glass cloches can be expensive and hard to find!  So, today I have a few fun tips to help you make some by adding glass baubles to found objects.  This is also a great way to replace knobs on your pretties that might have been broken off.

But where do you get the glass baubles to add?

For this first tip:

Hold a plastic gem in a flame for a few seconds, then press the gem on a piece of tile or some other surface that won't be harmed.  

This will flatten the point, giving you a broader surface to glue onto a cloche or lid.  I use E6000 glue for these embellishments, and it seems to hold quite well.

 Here is an example:

Also, I bought this set of 2 apothecary jars at Goodwill, but didn't realize the smaller one was missing its swirly handle.  Although it doesn't match, the glass gem still adds a finished look and it isn't too noticeable.  Well, not until now -  
my secret is out.

I love this next bauble idea:

Pick up plastic/glass knobs when you see them for a good price.  I see this style at garage sales all the time.  Heat the metal part of the knob with a lighter for 15-20  seconds, then using pliers - twist and pull the metal off.  

Don't they make beautiful, sparkly baubles?

Lastly, just keep your eyes open for orphaned, unusual knobs when you're out and about.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby for 60 cents.  I have no idea what it was for, but it is my favorite addition of all. 


A little extra sparkle is always in order, don't you think?
 I sure do!


  1. Excellent ideas! My sister was throwing away an old glass chess set (an inexpensive one, and some pieces were broken). When the pieces fell out of the box we both said - ooooh, glass pieces for totems, etc! So we are going to recycle them :-)

    1. I love that idea! You two sound like my kind of girls. My son has a glass chess set - I might have to go throw a piece to the floor, so that the set is deemed worthless - LOL. Thanks for sharing.


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