Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rescued Armoire

A friend of mine, Kiah, was having a yard sale and posted pictures of what she was selling on Facebook.  I'm always glad when she has a sale, because she refinishes furniture and often has some tasty cast-offs that she doesn't think she will get to.

 Like this armoire.  It was in such sad shape, and it was more work than she wanted to put into it.  I really didn't have much use for the armoire, either......but the doors were fabulous!

Aren't they gorgeous?

As things go, however, I began to see that I had a need for a cabinet in my office.  I started looking over this little armoire and decided I could make it work.

Did I say it was in bad shape?  I had to glue the veneer down on every surface.  It literally took weeks, because I had to work lots of wood glue into it and clamp it everywhere.

But one day the gluing was finally finished, and it was time to paint - which I did in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

So, are you ready to see.........?

I left it open and just added some wire baskets I picked up at Kohls, because the doors are still reserved for other places*.

It has been a great asset to my office, and I love the character it has.  I'm so glad I opted to rescue this tired old piece, than to hunt forever to find something new.  This really is more my style anyway.

Doesn't it have pretty details?

*Now about the doors:  I could use about 10 sets, because 
I have lots of ideas about how to use them.  When I settle 
on the idea I like the best - I will definitely share.  Here is 
one way I've already used them. 

What do you think, was it worth the trouble?


  1. Perfect! I love what you did.

  2. I feel like I'm stalking you because I always comment on your posts - and I'm not normally a blog commenter, but I always LOVE your posts! I love what you did with the armoir and using the doors on your mantle is inspired. It's beautiful!

    1. Dear Angela - I can't tell you how much it means that you DO comment on my posts. There is nothing better to a blogger than someone who likes to see what you have to offer, right? If you find some inspiration here - well, that is what I hope to accomplish with this blog. You always encourage me so. Thank you!

  3. It is just beautiful! I love it--I don't think I have ever seen legs that pretty on a piece. You did a great job saving her!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I had to brush glue over the ornamentation on the legs before I painted them because it was crumbling off on my brush. It was so pretty I hated to lose it. They really are pretty. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I love what your have done. This is wonderful thanks for sharing. Greeting from South Africa


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